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All Inclusive Holidays in Manavgat

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The Manavgat Holiday Guide

Looking for your next holiday try here for a seafront location to all inclusive holidays in Manavgat.

Manavgat Holidays

All inclusive Manavgat holidays are set in a resort in the mountainous coastal region of Pamphylia between the large city of Antalya and the seaside town of Alanya in Turkey. The population here has reached approximately 75,000 and the city itself looks over the Manavgat River. This means that all inclusive Manavgat holidays are the perfect spot for strolling the beaches and investigating sunny river banks.

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all inclusive holidays in Manavgat Extra Info

What makes Manavgat holidays so unique is the impressive waterfalls along the edge of the river. Manavgat Waterfall is not a particularly tall drop but the depth of the pool together with its sheer width mean that it certainly makes a loud noise. It is maybe best to wear open toe shoes or flip flops on this Manavgat holiday day trip as standing close to the fenced off pool will mean you will have wet feet by the end of the day. The waterfalls are free to visit after 8pm. A miniature version of this natural wonder is the Little Waterfall which stands just a kilometre north upstream of Manavgat Waterfall. This small waterfall is less noisy and just as beautiful if it wasn’t for the litter that gathers around it left by locals.

If you feel like exploring more of the area around all inclusive Manavgat holidays your best bet for more sights and sounds is the city of Antalya. Antalya is Turkey’s fourth largest city with a population of around two million. If you are in search of some history on your all inclusive Manavgat holidays you can find lots of museums and historical landmarks around the town centre here.

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