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All Inclusive Holidays in Akyaka


The Akyaka Holiday Guide

Book your holiday with holidaysallinclusive.com award winning to all inclusive holidays in Akyaka.

Akyaka Holidays

All inclusive Akyaka holidays are on Turkey’s south west coast. The scenic town of Akyaka can be a little difficult to get to with a long winding main road that descends into a valley but it is worth the trip as the trees disperse to make way for the Golf of Gokova. The main town on all inclusive Akyaka holidays is full of pretty sugar cube houses that sit on the water’s edge while a path slopes down to the crescent shaped pale sand beach.

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All Inclusive Akyaka A New Experience

Although the town has experienced a bit of a tourist transformation of late you can be assured that Akyaka holidays still offer that distinctive Turkish experience. If you look around you will find that the houses are ornately decorated with orange roof tiles and engraved wooden shutters. If you are sitting outside one of the main street’s cafes having a look around you may even spot a farmer guiding a flock of sheep or goats across the road over to the next field. With Akyaka holidays mostly being taken by fellow Turks from Izmir and Istanbul you can be assured that these sights shall remain part of the town’s appeal for years to come.

The Extra Bits

All inclusive Akyaka holidays also have a fantastic beach where you can do something you probably haven’t got the chance to do all year- lay back and relax. Let your mind drift away with the rhythm of the tide as the sun beats down on the warm sands below you. The beach on all inclusive Akyaka holidays is quite quiet and is also near the shops if you feel like you need to stretch your legs.

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