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All Inclusive Holidays to Murcia

Murcia is a city in Spain that has its own charm and beauty. The coastline of Murcia still remains untouched and unspoilt by tourism. All inclusive Murcia holidays lets you have a taste of the towns and villages of Murcia that are truly Spanish in nature. Murcia has over 200 different beaches as it is surrounded by two water bodies, the Mediterranean Sea and the Menor Sea. All inclusive Murcia holidays lets you enjoy diverse ecological landscapes in one place. One can find open arid spaces like the deserts alongside the lush green valleys only in a place like Murcia.

The various mouthwatering delicacies of Murcia include rice dishes, baked or roasted meat, salads and stews. Due to its location, Murcia is also very famous for its seafood specialties. Holidays to Murcia let you have rich Spanish meals along with some good wine. Murcia is a very strong competitor in the wine producing market. The city has many good restaurants and bars that serve the tourists well. Holidays to Murcia can be a great package for Mediterranean cuisine lovers.

The famous places to visit during the all inclusive Murcia holidays consist of Cathedral de Santa Maria, which is an exquisite piece of art. The cathedral also has a museum inside which is worth a visit. Other places to tour while on the all inclusive Murcia holidays include the Baroque Cathedral, the Castle of Monteagudo, the Almudi Palace, the Malecon garden, the Museum Ramon Gaya, the Palacia Episcopal and the Murcia University.

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