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All Inclusive Holidays in Pollensa

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The Pollensa Holiday Guide

Exclusive offers and many at bargain prices for all inclusive holidays in Pollensa.

Pollensa Holidays

A blissful week in the unspoilt Majorcan countryside will consume you with the simple things in life on all inclusive Pollensa holidays. The Knights Templar have hand built the most beautiful churches with the stones from the earth and have stood the test of time. Winding streets filled with whitewashed houses, sandstone buildings and cobbled paths are enveloped by the Tramuntana Mountains on all inclusive Pollensa holidays.

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All inclusive Pollensa holidays The Beach

Sunny, hot days are free for unwinding on the shimmering bay of Puerto Pollensa. The old fashioned harbour leads to the uncrowded beach where families and couples are dotted around on Pollensa holidays. A lingering stroll around the horseshoe will entice you into the cafes for some freshly baked breads and pastries alongside a coffee. If you are lucky enough to have your own pool villa nestled in the hillside then why leave, live life at your own pace on Pollensa holidays.

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Once ruled by the Romans you will see the fine workmanship in the elegant buildings and narrow paths stretching from path to path on Pollensa holidays. Tasty tapas and chic restaurants surround the town square and every direction thereafter. Dinner by the traditional harbour, surrounded by the bobbing boats, is certainly the best place to be served fish. Follow up with a wonder around the Pine Walk to enjoy the evening air on Pollensa holidays.

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Places to See

Climb the 365 steps in good spirits to reach the summit of Christ Church which stands pride of place on all inclusive Pollensa holidays. Join the procession of rememberance as Christ on the Cross is carried down the steps and through the town on Good Friday. Smell the fresh mountain air as you pass the lemon and orange groves in the nature walks right into the hills. The Sunday market is a bargain buy for fresh food and gifts on all inclusive Pollensa holidays.

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Random Deals for All Inclusive Pollensa Holidays - when we decide to go on a holiday, the first thing that comes to our mind is the accommodation so give yourself treat and book now.

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