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All Inclusive Holidays in Majorca

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The Majorca Holiday Guide

Stags are welcomed at many resorts so why not combine your Stag party with your all inclusive holidays in Majorca.

Majorca Holidays

Majorca is the largest Balearic Island and is often said to be the most spectacular also. Your all inclusive Majorca holidays will take you to an island with fantastic landscape, culture and entertainment. No matter what it is you are looking for, when you are going on all inclusive Majorca holidays you can be pretty sure that you will be happy with the resort and price.

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All inclusive Majorca holidays Beaches

Holidays in Majorca will take you to an island with a coastline of approximately 550 km with beaches that are brilliantly kept and provide great entertainment, water sports, sun loungers, bars and restaurants. Every resort has a good sandy beach, so no matter what resort you choose to have your Majorca holidays in you will be pleased. Majorca is great for families, and the beaches go without saying are family friendly with great ranges of activities to keep even the youngest entertained.

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Where do you begin on an island that caters for everyone’s tastes no matter the age? Holidays in Majorca mean you can slow down or keep busy. Magaluf once boasted the largest nightclub in Europe, BCM. Although this may not be the case any longer BCM still is definitely worth a visit during your Majorca holidays, and there is still a lot of big named celebrities appearing.

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Places to See

Take a trip to the Dragon caves or the Coves del Drac during your all inclusive Majorca holidays. Alternatively try one of the many water parks, the best being Marine Land, theme parks and animal attractions to keep families that will keep the busiest of family occupied many water parks. All inclusive holidays in Majorca will certainly be the perfect mix of Majorcan glamour with an amazing collection of beach resorts.

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