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July Holidays
All Inclusive Holidays in July 2014 and 2015

The July Holiday Guide

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Well this is it, picking all inclusive holidays in July you can be certain as it is peak season to pay peak season prices. Well that’s what you would think, but many times you will be able to get all inclusive July holidays at discounted or special prices, which takes the hurt out of having a holiday at this time of year. The busy atmosphere of the resorts, and the heat is what most people that go on holiday want.

Sit back and allow the all inclusive July 2014 experts to take care of your booking. It’s your holiday and you’ve earned it, so we are confident that you will be so happy with this selection of July holidays that you will be booking for the July holidays 2015 season with us again.

Our Top 5 July Holiday Destinations for 2014:

  1. Turkey
  2. Tunisia
  3. Gran Canaria
  4. The Algarve
  5. Malia

If you choose to go on July holidays one thing comes almost guaranteed, heat and sun. Temperatures soar at July holiday destinations into the 100’s. Drinking alcohol and sunbathing is a favourite pastime for tourists from the UK. It is not surprising then to know that at this time of the year most hospital admissions are related to too much sun and alcohol. Take a little advice on how to avoid this, never allow young children to be overexposed from the sun, keep them hydrated, and a hat on them; never take children into the midday sun. As for yourself, the rules for children would be a good one to follow, but after all you are on all inclusive July holidays, where drink is included in your price, so it is recommended you drink plenty of water during the time when drinking alcohol, as for the sun, take sensible precautions and wear a high factor sun cream.

Some fun facts for birthdays and holidays in July:

  • Tom Cruise Birthday
    • 3rd July
  • Independence Day (USA)
    • 4th July
  • Paint your Face Day
    • 8th July
  • Orange Men’s Day
    • 12th July
  • St. Swithin's day
    • 15th July
  • Bugs Bunny's Birthday
    • 27th July

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