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All Inclusive Holidays to Zante
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All Inclusive Holidays to Zante

The Zante Holiday Guide

Searched for the cheapest all inclusive holidays and honeymoons, escape to paradise with our all inclusive holidays in Zante.

All Inclusive Holidays to Zante

Zante, which is a fantastic Greek island, is one of the largest islands in the Ionian sea and by size it is the third biggest one among the Greek Islands. Without a doubt you will be able to enjoy the beauty and splendour of Zante and by choosing to take all inclusive Zante holidays is something that you will never regret. This region has got an impressive coastline which stretches almost 77 miles meaning you will have no excuse not to visit the beach while having your all inclusive Zante holidays.

Zante Holidays Beaches

One of the main ingredients that will make your holidays to Zante is the highly exciting beaches. This region is world famous for it’s high quality beaches. Almost all of the beaches have all the facilities you will ever need. This includes many kinds of water-sports for extra enjoyment. There is a glut of bars, restaurants and clubs by the side of many of these beaches. Some of the main beach-areas of Zante are Alikes, Alikanas, Argasi, Bouka, Gerakas, Laganas, Navagio, Tsilivi, Porto Roma and Porto Koukla.


There will be very good opportunities for excellent shopping during your holidays to Zante. Some of the popular local items worth purchasing are silver jewellery, wine and ceramic items. You will also get good facilities for sailing, yachting, jet skiing, hydro jets, windsurfing, canoe and pedalo. You can participate in different kinds of cruises and these short journeys will certainly add more charm and quality to your holiday.

Places to See

You can visit some of the fantastic and fabulous locations while having the all inclusive Zante holidays; many of these sites are not to be missed, just bring your camera along to take lots of photos. Some of the places where you can arrange a trip during your all inclusive Zante holidays are, The Solomou Square, The Byzantine Museum of Zakynthos, The Cultural Center of Zakynthos and the Library, The Church of Saint Nikolaos on the Mole and The Statue of Dionysios Solomos.

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