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All Inclusive Holidays to Skiathos
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All Inclusive Holidays to Skiathos

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The Skiathos Holiday Guide

you are unlikely to find a better option than all inclusive holidays in Skiathos.

All Inclusive Holidays to Skiathos

Famed for great beaches, Skiathos is indeed an appealing destination and makes you think holiday just by the sound of its name. This is one Greek Island you just cant refuse to visit. The best way to do this is take one of our great all inclusive Skiathos holidays situated in the Aegean Sea. You will have the option of enjoying many fine resorts during your all inclusive Skiathos holidays. One of the busiest and most popular resorts is Skiathos Town.

Skiathos Holidays Beaches

Skiathos holds some of the finest beaches in Greece and most of them are protected by pine forests. The soft sand and crystal clear water will be one of the main attractions for tourists. The availability of good water-sports activities is another attraction of most of the beaches in Skiathos. Some of the popular beaches, from where you will be able to have plenty a fun while on holidays to Skiathos are Koukounaries, Lalaria, Banana, Kanapitsa, Agia Paraskevi, Vromolimnos, Agia Eleni, Ahladies, Asselinos and Ftelia.


You will have many different options for fun during your holidays to Skiathos including the exciting water-sports. The main water-sport activities are water-skiing, Para Sailing, doughnut rides, jet-skiing, banana rides and windsurfing. There are superb facilities for sailing, diving and boat-rides. This Island is also famous for walking. You can also locate two exciting campsites here, one is near Xanemo Beach and the other is the well-known Koukounaries Camping.

Places to See

House of Papadiamanti is a popular museum and a must see site during your all inclusive Skiathos holidays. The Monasteries of Evangelistria, Dormition of the Virgin and Panaghia Kounistra are all worth visiting. The famous Cathedral of the Treis Ierarches is globally famous for its splendid architecture. There are many more little monasteries and ancient churches in this region and indeed, you will have luxurious sight-seeing during your time on all inclusive Skiathos holidays.

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