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All Inclusive Holidays to Kremasti
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All Inclusive Holidays to Kremasti

The Kremasti Holiday Guide

Searched for the cheapest all inclusive holidays and honeymoons, escape to paradise with our all inclusive holidays in Kremasti.

All Inclusive Holidays to Kremasti

Holidays to Kremasti are desirable for a peaceful hideaway break from home. With accommodation well spread apart and the deep green shades surrounding the resort you will be able to lose yourself in this refreshing Greek destination. Families and couples are made very welcome and will enjoy all there is to offer on all inclusive Kremasti holidays.

Kremasti Holidays Beaches

The beach is the greatest attraction for visitors in the resort with 6 miles of lightly dusted pebbled shores flagged with umbrellas and lazy loungers. Holidays to Kremasti are very relaxed with watersports here and there along the coast. You will be able to find your own little beach heaven with long stretches and deep blue ocean on the Aegean Sea.


The Panhellenic Craft Fair and Festival is held yearly on the third week in August with stalls, crafts and a feast of food and drink to send you on your merry way through the lively atmosphere on holidays to Kremasti. Bring your wallet for a spending spree in the cosmopolitan New Town in Rhodes which is only a short bus journey north.

Places to See

All inclusive Kremasti holidays have it all wrapped up in this lovely resort. Travel inland to the nearby Petaloudes where this quietly still area is covered with all colours and shapes of butterflies. Take to the hills of Mount Filerimou and visit the 14th century monastery. Old Town Rhodes is the crème de la crème for sightseeing on all inclusive Kremasti holidays. Get a close encounter with medieval times through the castle, towers, fountains, gates and museums for lasting memories of the best holiday ever.

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