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All Inclusive Holidays in Veni
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All Inclusive Holidays in Veni

The Veni Holiday Guide

Searched for the cheapest all inclusive holidays and honeymoons, escape to paradise with our all inclusive holidays in Veni.

All Inclusive Holidays in Veni

You really have found your own little home retreat at the foothills of the most beautiful Greek island on all inclusive Veni holidays. Away from the hustle and bustle of the main roads and resorts it will not take long to settle into your all inclusive Veni holidays looking out at the views of orchards and vineyards from the seclusion of your country getaway.

Veni Holidays Beaches

With streams, rivers and a few caves found around the mountains pack a picnic and escape the crowds relaxing under the hot sun on holidays to Veni. Many of the villas and accommodation have their own private pool which is hard to leave the convenience and comfort. Car hire will avail you of the most amazing beaches along the north coast and are well worth visiting on holidays to Veni.


You will feel home from home staying in this beautiful location on holidays to Veni. Candlelight dinner under the stars can make for a romantic night. Have a late night stroll and chat with the locals to discover the real Crete. This is not a tourist resort and is an advantage for those really looking to settle into the refreshing way of Greek living while on holidays to Veni.

Places to See

The mountainous range of Mount Idi is worth the trek for spectacular views and full of little trails and caves for exploration on all inclusive Veni holidays. To the north lies the capital of Heraklion full of archaeological museums and an amazing Venetian Fortress at the harbour. There you will also be able to visit the Palace of Knossos in all its glory for some great pictures on all inclusive Veni holidays.

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