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All Inclusive Holidays in Palekastro
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All Inclusive Holidays in Palekastro

The Palekastro Holiday Guide

Choose all inclusive luxury resorts whenever you choose to go on all inclusive holidays in Palekastro.

All Inclusive Holidays in Palekastro

Planning to get away from it all? You have chosen well for that amazing well deserved break on all inclusive Palekastro holidays. Steeped in olive groves and the heat of the sun you can easily fall in love with Eastern Crete. With little tourists in this resort you will have a real sense of the Cretan way of life on all inclusive Palekastro holidays.

Palekastro Holidays Beaches

Hiring a scooter has never been so much fun where you can race it down to the beach to enjoy the sun and sand on holidays to Palekastro. With a choice of Kouremenos Beach and Chiona Beach you can stretch out on these golden sands with the wind beating through your hair. Holidays to Palekastro are still untouched and quite rugged and you will enjoy catching the waves with some windsurfing. The lively Vai Beach filled with palm trees is the most beautiful around and only 6 miles away.


Staying in an uncommercialised quiet agricultural resort you will be able to mingle with the locals for fun the Cretan way on holidays to Palekastro. Life is laid back and you will find your dinner and drinks will last all night as you enjoy time in the hub of the village. Holidays to Palekastro are simple and very affordable.

Places to See

On all inclusive Palekastro holidays take a trip to the remains of the Minoan Palace of Zakros which was built in 1700BC. The Venetian Monastery of Moni Toplou is a beautiful historical site filled with frescoes and a small museum. All inclusive Palekastro holidays will unwrap the deep beauty of Crete and will give you a glimpse back in time of this unspoilt resort.

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