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All Inclusive Holidays in Lyttos Beach
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All Inclusive Holidays in Lyttos Beach

The Lyttos Beach Holiday Guide

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All Inclusive Holidays in Lyttos Beach

Centrally located between the old Air Force base town of Gournes and the funfilled resort of Hersonissos, lies the hidden treasure of all inclusive Lyttos Beach holidays. You will be well pampered during your fortnight of Greek luxury on all inclusive Lyttos Beach holidays. But do not be mistaken this is full of Cretan flavour with traditional village life offering a low cost of eating and drinking.

Lyttos Beach Holidays Beaches

Accommodation can be found right on the beautiful beach on holidays to Lyttos Beach. Natural pebbles and fine sands are the setting against the rugged coastline. The water is inviting and is known for being quite choppy on occasions. Beach life is serene with lifeguards on watch, allowing you to switch off for the day. On holidays to Lyttos you can enjoy walks along the long stretch of sand at night.


Couples and families looking for a peaceful time on holidays to Lyttos will not be disappointed. With a few bars, restaurants and shops you will find everything you need for relaxation. The pace is slow and you will be greeted by the friendly locals throughout your stay. For a livelier night on the town catch the bus to nearby Hersonissos.

Places to See

If you want to stretch your wings hire a car and visit the hottest attractions around starting with the Minoan Palace ruins at Knossos where you will be amazed by the pottery and frescoes at this archeological site. Travel south on all inclusive Lyttos Beach holidays passing through the vine groves to the ancient capital of Gortys. Star Beach Waterpark is closeby in the resort of Hersonissos for a family day of fun on all inclusive Lyttos Beach holidays.

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