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All Inclusive Holidays to Greece

All Inclusive Greece Holiday Guide

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Brief Description

All inclusive Greece holidays will most likely lead you to one of the Greek Islands, however if you want a holiday on the Greek mainland there are many options to choose from. Greece is situated in between Italy and Turkey, with the Capital Athens at the southern tip. Greece is an ancient country, and has a lot of sightseeing for the traveller. All inclusive Greece holidays will take you to resorts like Halkidiki, Parga, Pelion and Thessaloniki.


You will find Greece has some of the best beaches in the world for you to enjoy your Greece holidays, and with an average of 250 sunny days per year, you are sure to get good use from these. Temperatures soar during the summer and get as high as 37 to 40 Celsius during July and August, making ideal weather for sunbathing at the beach during your Greece holidays. As well as beaches there are mountains and rivers to enjoy, but if you hire a car and travel you will find Greece offers lots of small bays and sandy coves, it is worth noting that the water is amazingly clean, clear and transparent water. Greece offers a large number of Blue Flag beaches with quality accessories like umbrellas, sun beds, changing booths, toilets with beach bars and restaurants.


All inclusive holidays in Greece don't come without entertainment, the ancient Greeks knew how to entertain, and modern day Greeks have this long taught ability. You will find numerous bars, clubs, restaurants and hotels of all classes, just waiting for the chance to please you. For a different class of entertainment look out for the flyers pointing you to the Cubanita Club, you will get a distinct Caribbean feel here, with live bands and Cuban dancers. Shopping on Mainland Greece, is seven days per week, and all open to late.

Places to See

Greece is where the Olympics began, so sport is high on the agenda for any all inclusive Greek holidays. If sport is on your list of things to do then how about trying your hand at one of the internationally renowned golf courses? Greece also provide you with special places of interest, how about the National Archaeological Museum, or if a more modern approach to holidays in Greece is your slice of cake, then why not try one of the many island hopping experiences, and visit one of the islands for a day. There is much happening in Greece every day, so it's best to check the daily schedule for up to date events.

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