All Inclusive Holidays to Taba Heights
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All Inclusive Holidays to Taba Heights

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The Taba Heights Holiday Guide

An experience that you and your family will never forget all inclusive holidays in Taba Heights .

Taba Heights Holidays

Set amid the timeless Sinai desert lies the oasis of all inclusive Taba Heights holidays. The stunning beach and tutti fruitti sealife are amongst the best of what Egypt has to offer. The village and marina on all inclusive Taba holidays are a good place to start exploring. No doubt you will want to go further afield with so much culture and history literally carved in stone. The constant climate and warm rippling waters are very attractive to beat the UK’s winter blues.

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Taba Heights Holidays Taba Heights Beaches

Cushion your toes in the velvety soft sands and dream of time gone by as you gaze blissfully at the vibrant colours of the Sinai mountain range against the gentleness of the Red Sea on Taba Heights holidays. Relax under the heat of the sparkling sun on holidays in Taba Heights and quench your thirst with an ice cold drink served to your lounger. Feel the freedom of the sea with some expert diving to sample some of the most spectacular visions of colour and variety of fish in the secret depths of the Red Sea.

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Let someone else take care of you for a day on Taba Heights holidays with a visit to the wellbeing centre where you can be massaged and invigorated with the sweet smelling oils and lotions. Breakfast on the terrace is a great start to the day as you follow the sun rise into the clear blue heavens. Pluck yourself away from the complex and have a field day in the bustling bazaars and fragrant streets on holidays in Taba Heights.

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Places to See

Catch a little boat ride on all inclusive Taba Heights holidays, across to Pharoah’s Island where you can explore the castle ruins of this ancient safe haven where pilgrims sheltered during the crusade years. Be prepared to dive in and capture the beauty of the amazing corals surrounding this historical stronghold. Walk to the peak where Moses came face to face with God at the great summit heights of Mount Sinai. Camel treks and jeep safaris through the splendour of the deserts and mountains are a step back in time on all inclusive Taba Heights holidays.

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