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All Inclusive Holidays to Egypt

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The Egypt Holiday Guide

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Egypt Holidays

Even before you go on your all inclusive Egypt holidays the excitement will build as you think of all the places you will visit. You are going to experience the treasures of the pyramids and Royal tombs, built almost 4000 years ago. Your mind will picture those biblical times when you see the amazing tombs of the Pharaohs. Then you will see the Nile, scene of so many famous stories. Much more amazing experiences are waiting for you during all inclusive Egypt holidays, only by comming here will you see why so many tourists love this as a holiday resort.

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Egypt Holidays Beaches

Most hotels have access to their own private beach, with plenty of sand and waiter service right down to the beach. The Red sea provides plenty of snorkelling and divers come on Egypt holidays just to dive in the Red Sea. If you are not a diver or swimmer, do not worry, there are daily lessons. If this is not for you, then take advantage of some of the best beaches that the world has to offer, powdery sand, excellent water sports and stacks of beach fun to enjoy.

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Entertainment here is mainly hotel based, but the Nile itself has got all the ingredients to shoot up your imaginations to such an extent that you will be mentally transported to a state where you will be experiencing a total unity with the whole nature! On your holidays in Egypt, you will be able to enjoy the thrilling Nile cruise. You must visit the Temple of Karnak and see the great Pillars. There are many hotels that have excellent entertainment, you will find where you are staying will provide you will a range of activities that you can enjoy during your stay on Egypt holidays. The Sheraton Luxor Resort at Luxor is just one such hotel.

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The Weather

The climatic condition are always hot with excellent weather, allowing you to go home with a beautiful golden tan. During all inclusive Egypt holiday you will notice that there are only two seasons prevailing; great winter and hot summer. Winter days are usually from November to April and summer days from May to October. The differences between the seasons are the differences in daytime temperatures and in the wind structure. During the wintertime in the desert area, the temperature comes as low as 0c at night and as high as 18c during daytime. On all inclusive Egypt holiday you will see that in Alexandria which is in the north, even during summer time cooler temperature is experienced. The amount of rainfall is less. Even the wettest area of Alexandria gets only 200 millimetres per year.

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