All Inclusive Holidays to Dominican Republic
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All Inclusive Holidays to Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic Holiday Guide

If you compare the price to most restaurants and bars you will see why it makes sence to book all inclusive holidays in Dominican Republic.
Dominican Republic is a marvellous creation of nature and is located between Cuba, Jamaica and Puerto Rico. During the all-inclusive holidays to Dominican Republic you will see that the area still has got a Spanish Heritage. When Christopher Columbus discovered the place in 1496, he had coined certain words describing the celestial beauty of the place and you can experience during the all-inclusive holidays to Dominican Republic that those words are true even now!

While having your Dominican Republic holidays, you will see that the place has got a semitropical climate usually, with lots of sunshine and has an average temperature of 25C yearly. The average sea temperature generally, is also around 25C, which makes the place a perfect ground for enjoying water sports. You will see during the Dominican Republic holidays that the usual busy time of the area is between December and April, when tourists rush to this place avoiding the cooler northern climate. During the months of May to August the rain sets in; but the peculiarity of this area’s rainy season is that you will get a down-pour followed by great sunshine! The months of June to November are usually considered to be the time for hurricane season. You must check the weather report and forecast before planning your Dominican Republic holidays during these days. Different varieties of accommodations are spread around with different qualities and ranges.

The all-inclusive holidays to Dominican Republic will give you different options of enjoying in different regions like the "Punta Cana Region", the "Amber Coast", and the "South Coast". The "Punta Cana Region" is the main resort area of Dominican Republic, which lies in the eastern coast of the place and very near to the "Punta Cana air-port". You will be able to find many small resorts within the area. The place has got a total beach area of 50 km, with fine white sand and calm, turquoise water.

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