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All Inclusive Holidays in Polis

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The Polis Holiday Guide

If you are looking to give yourself a royal treat, why not check these All Inclusive Polis holidays.

All Inclusive Polis holidays

Polis, All inclusive Polis holidays are part of the western coast of Paphos, a region of Cyprus. Cyprus is an independent island in the Mediterranean Sea just south of Turkey. All inclusive Polis holidays are 22 miles north of Paphos. The town has a population of 1,890 so is quite small although the popularity of tourism there means it has expanded in recent years.

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Polis Holidays Beaches

When you first reach this gorgeous sun kissed town you will realise why its full name is Polis Chrysochou, translated as “Town of the Golden Sand.” Polis holidays are perfect breaks away from beach bums who like the comfort of nearby amenities such as shops, bars and restaurants around them. These amenities are a privilege considering that some of the smaller holiday villages and hamlets around the west coast rely on Polis for their supplies. You will be pleasantly surprised to spy fields with trees heavy with ripe oranges ready to be harvested around the main town on Polis holidays.

There are some nice little beaches around the neighbouring coast on all inclusive Polis holidays. Chrysochou Bay is a long sandy blissful stretch with a few pebbly patches just 15 minutes away from the main town. You can find a scuba diving school in nearby Lakki just two miles away from all inclusive Polis holidays.

However, if staying put on Polis holidays is more your thing the main square in the town is a constant place of interest where cafes and tavernas huddle together offering warm service with a traditional feel.

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