All Inclusive Holidays to Corfu Town
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All Inclusive Holidays to Corfu Town

The Corfu Town Holiday Guide

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All inclusive holidays in Corfu Town will take you to the Capital of Corfu. This large and bustling resort has become very cosmopolitan compared to many other holiday resorts in Greece. Here you will find a mix of cultures left over from different occupiers in the past. Try heading towards the old town to see a different side of Corfu Town, and mix in with the bustle on the main street. While on your all inclusive holidays in Corfu Town discover the many shops and market stalls, Jewellery and leather goods are good value here.

As for entertainment you will never be short of something to do on Corfu Town holidays. The best restaurants fill up early, so it is advised to eat as early as possible. Bars are plentiful, and you will never be short of entertainment. If you are on Corf Town holidays and over 23, then perhaps you would like a little Las Vegas style casino. The Corfu Palace Hotel may not be Las Vegas, but the casino is very popular and worth a visit.

If you are on all inclusive Corfu Town holidays on the Sunday before Easter, Easter Sunday, the 11th of August or at the start of November then you will see the parade for St. Spyridon. The Saint of Corfu, the mummified remains are paraded through the town as a remembrance. Events during the Summer can seem quite obscure, but if you are into Cricket you can see several cricket tournaments. These are English culture left behind from when England once occupied the island. If cricket is not your thing do not worry though as all inclusive holidays in Corfu Town are acceptable and will have something for your interest, no matter what age you are, or culture you enjoy.

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