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All Inclusive Holidays in Cape Verde

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The Cape Verde Holiday Guide

Surprise your special loved one on with all inclusive holidays in Cape Verde.

Cape Verde Holidays

It is said all inclusive Cape Verde holidays is a location to rival the Caribbean or even the Maldives. This group of 10 small islands are less than six hours flying time from the UK and temperatures sitting around the late 20’s all year, Cape Verde islands are a destination to take seriously. The main island for tourism is Sal, which is only 18.5 miles long and at the widest point 7.5 miles wide. Tourism is still very young in Cape Verde, but the hotels have been built to a very high standard and nothing has been overseen for you to enjoy fully your all inclusive Cape Verde holidays.

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all inclusive holidays in Cape Verde Beaches

The Santa Maria coast of Cape Verde is likely where you will go when you go on Cape Verde holidays. Here you will find a fantastic and well thought out group of hotels, empty shores, powdery sand and pristine water make the ultimate beach escape. This world class beaches will provide fun in the sun with plenty to keep you and your family busy. For the most beautiful beach you are likely to ever come across, then Boavista will supply fine sand and turquoise water that you could only imagine. Adding to the glorious beach scenes on holidays in Cape Verde is the spectacular ship wrecks that lie just off shore on the reefs. Meanwhile Sao Vicente holds an international music festival on the beach.

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If you are looking a rocking and bouncing lively destination, then I am afraid that Cape Verde holidays may not cut the cloth with you. On the other hand if your idea of entertainment is laid back and chilled out, well this is your paradise. Most hotels will hold their own forms of Cape Verde entertainment. If you want to let your hair down take your holidays to Cape Verde in September, where Sal gets into the swing with a festival lasting two nights right on the beach. Ideas of the type of person on this island if you imagine the laid back Jamaican, then you are on the right road. A few places that could be worth visiting the Irish Bar (Tam Tam) a hit with everyone and the Pirata Disco, get into the Latin dance sounds while you practice the Rhumba.

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If you are into diving, then you probably know about the superb sites to dive at here, but fishing is also becoming very popular and when on many of the all inclusive holidays in Cape Verde the hotel will organise daily or nightly fishing trips, no experience necessary. Windsurfing is a spectacular sport, but Cape Verde have ideal conditions to do this sport, so even if you have no experience this will make a fun day. If you fancy an alternative cuisine any night on you all inclusive Cape Verde holidays, then ask anyone about the Atlantis Restaurant, here a meal will cost from £6 to £12.

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