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All Inclusive Holidays in Brena Baja

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The Brena Baja Holiday Guide

For the people who like a drink but know it can be expensive should book % All the food and drink is free on all inclusive holidays in Brena Baja.

Brena Baja Holidays

Set amidst the lush green hills and valleys of the countryside lies the undisturbed resort of all inclusive Brena Baja holidays. If you enjoy the fresh air of the outdoor life with uninterrupted views, then you have chosen well. Enjoying breakfast on your private balcony will seem an escape from the hustle and bustle of real life. Relaxation is made easy with moderate temperatures throughout the year on all inclusive Brena Baja holidays.

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All inclusive Brena Baja holidays Beaches

Your hillside pool provides breathtaking views of the resort on Brena Baja holidays. Tempting yourself down to the coastline is a breeze with the nearby beautiful beach such as Los Cancajos. The dark black sands and glistening waters are well presented to a high standard, earning the Blue Flag Award. Watersports are on hand with sailing, canoeing and professional diving for hire. Chill out along the promenade with an afternoon cocktail at the beach bar on Brena Baja holidays.

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A handful of bars and cafes will feed your nightly thirst and appetite while sharing some time with the friendly locals on Brena Baja holidays. Take in the sights and landmarks of the island by horseback or if you want to get there faster hire a car. Stopping along the way for a coffee or light lunch is the perfect way to explore Brena Baja holidays. The resort is quiet and you can be assured of a peaceful rest.

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Places to See

Pack your picnic and follow the forest trails for a day of adventure through the woodland on all inclusive Brena Baja holidays. Save your energy for a day of hiking to the summit for first class views all around. It is a real joy spending time together in the natural habitat of the island and you will leave the island feeling refreshed and ready to go again. Don’t wait, get in there and book a holiday to remember on all inclusive Brena Baja holidays.

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