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All Inclusive Holidays in Bahia Feliz

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The Bahia Feliz Holiday Guide

For the people who like a drink but know it can be expensive should book % All the food and drink is free on all inclusive holidays in Bahia Feliz .

Bahia Feliz Holidays

Quiet nights and long lazy days are waiting for you on all inclusive Bahia Feliz holidays. This small, southern resort is a great getaway for a romantic leisurely break. The only thing that will keep you awake on all inclusive Bahia Feliz holidays are the brisk winds massaging through your hair. Hotels have very good facilities and entertainment at reasonable prices for a quick cheap holiday.

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Bahia Feliz Holidays Beaches

The pebbled sandy beach has been named the Happy Bay on holidays in Bahia Feliz. Quite quickly you will find the depths of the water to be deep so be careful not to stray too soon unless you are a good swimmer. The location has perfect conditions for surfing in the choppy warm water. Days on the beach are conveniently spacious and peaceful on holidays in Bahia Feliz.

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A mix of cafes and little restaurants are best found around the resort square on Bahia Feliz holidays. Enjoy some lovely meals under the stars and finish with a coffee to watch the people passing by. The highlight of the week is a night at Garbos where you will be served a wonderful three course meal followed by superb entertainment of singing and dancing. Bus loads arrive to this venue so it is worthwhile setting a few nights aside. Late night strolls and hunting out those gifts are to be expected on Bahia Feliz holidays.

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Places to See

A boat trip around the island is one of the best excursions to give you the full picture of all inclusive Bahia Feliz holidays. You can take in the museums and architecture of the north while basking on the most beautiful beaches of the south. For shopping hop on the bus to the nearby Playa Del Ingles which is packed with shops and the famous Yumba Centre, just don’t forget your purse. All inclusive Bahia Feliz holidays are very laid back so you really will feel refreshed at the end of your well earned break.

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