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All Inclusive Holidays to Oistins

The Oistins Holiday Guide

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The hub of the island for fishing is based in the historical Oistins in the parish of Christ Church in Southern Barbados. All inclusive holidays to Oistins will give you a glimpse back in time of the traditional values of the Bajan life. Oistins has a lengthy history with the confirmation of English Rule being set out in an agreed treaty at the old Mermaid Tavern.


The informality of wooden tables laid out along the beach with little bars and stalls providing all the delicious treats and refreshing drinks makes holidays to Oistins a laid back time. As you lounge around and relax into the feel of the area you can watch the colourful fishing boats spotted around the water and probably pass one or two when you are out bathing in the sea.


Oistins holidays is the place to be to enjoy dancing to the local music and feasting on the fresh fish. For great nightlife during your holidays to Oistins take a night out at St Lawrence Gap which is only 15 minutes drive away. You will have the best choice of restaurants, bars, clubs and local shops. If you want some duty free shopping then visit Bridgetown.

Places to See:

During all inclusive holidays to Oistins you will see a true picture of a fishing village with the Barbadian fishing boats floating across and the local fishermen weaving their nets. A Fish Festival takes place annually with stalls, music and celebration to be enjoyed. You can see during your all inclusive holidays to Oistins that every Friday and Saturday night there is a Fish Fry Celebration which attracts tourists from all over Barbados.

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