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All Inclusive Holidays to Bahamas

The Bahamas Holiday Guide

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When you take an all-inclusive holiday to the Bahamas the first serene sight you will see is an archipelago of 100,000 square miles, which is spread over 500 miles of clear water. From this eye catching sight, you are sure to get unseen wings for your imagination. Your mind will become awakened, wondering about the nature's diversity! 700 islands scattered in such a small area! An all-inclusive holiday in Bahamas will take you to these islands, of which some are still uninhabited, having only large rocks and caves.

700 islands within such an area, induces people to have a Bahamas holiday creating a flow of tourists to this place. A Bahamas holiday is really enjoyable, as these scattered islands are easily accessible by air or sea. This accessibility makes the journey comfortable and sweeter, much to the delight of the holiday-maker!

It was to this place, some 500 years back, the first European visitor, Columbus came. When you are having an all-inclusive holiday to the Bahamas, you must know this piece of history and of course some technical information also. The beaches of Bahamas are the most incredible ones which you can't find anywhere else, the sand is like fine powder! When you take an all-inclusive holiday to the Bahamas, you can never afford to miss a visit, to 'Nassau', the Capital, which lies in the north-eastern coast of New Providence Island. The historical shopping paradise “Bay Street Nassau” is just a 10 minute walk from most of the popular hotels of Nassau.

The fabulous climatic condition makes the Bahamas holidays a real treat! For more than 310 days of the year the Bahamas have sunshine. Hurricane season is from June to November and the rainy season comes around May to October, but never creates any problems for the visitors. But the ideal time to have Bahamas holidays is from September to May.

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