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All Inclusive Holidays to Tortola

The Tortola Holiday Guide

Most UK tourists like to try out different food while on all inclusive holidays in Tortola.
Situated in the 'Virgin islands' Tortola has lots of enjoyments in store for you, while you are having your all inclusive holidays to Tortola. Scattered around the marvellous area are so many fantastic beaches, from which you will able to derive divine pleasure. All the beaches have beds of smooth sand and the water is fresh and clear. The freshness of the air that surrounds the area, will surely give you a wonderful experience during the all inclusive holidays to Tortola.

The fantastic beaches from where you can pump out celestial happiness include so many familiar names to the seasoned traveler which includes 'Smuggler's cave', 'Long Bay', 'Josiah's bay beach', 'Elizabeth beach', 'Apple bay beach' and 'Brewer's bay beach'. These are only a few to name and there are so many others from which you can have your choice and selection during the Tortola holidays. Water sports like 'surfing', 'windsurfing', 'swim with the Dolphins' are the ones you must take while having the Tortola holidays. They will be lovely and enjoyable and you will cherish them later in your life.

During the all inclusive holidays to Tortola the climatic conditions will be of much help to you. With an average temperature of around 28C and having sunny days all through the year tourists can be really happy. What more you need! A sunny day to a tourist is the same as water to a thirsty man! There are 28 national parks available for you to have a visit while on your all inclusive holidays to Tortola. From these you will be able to get a rough idea about the place you are visiting as so many items of national importance can be seen from these parks.

There are some historically important sites which also should not be missed in the course of the Tortola holidays. That includes places like 'Callwood Rum Distillery', 'Fort Burt', 'Fort Recovery', 'Josiah's bay plantation', 'Main Street' and 'The Dungeon'. There are other 10 more historically important places where you must certainly make visits while having your Tortola holidays.

Regarding the cuisine you will get some of the international menus and of course the local stuffs also during the all inclusive holidays to Tortola. The local dish include 'boiled fish and Fungi', 'goat stew with rice and peas' and 'chicken roti'. These all are really rich and delicious ones which you will remember even after the all inclusive holidays to Tortola.

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