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All Inclusive Holidays to Soldiers Bay

The Soldiers Bay Holiday Guide

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Soldiers Bay is one among the many fantastic beaches of Antigua and you will find during your all inclusive holidays to Soldiers Bay, that nature has showered an abundance of beauty on this place. The proximity to the capital and the airport also attracts so many tourists to this marvellous area for spending their precious time here, by having all inclusive holidays to Soldiers Bay. It’s only a 10 minutes drive from the capital city St John’s and almost the same distance from the airport.

The area is totally controlled by Blue Water which is the famous luxury hotel of the area. You will come to know about this while on Soldiers Bay holidays. They have got 2 fantastic beaches available packed with fun and good times. This is within almost 17 acres of land with tropical vegetations. There is much to do within the immense complex and with fantastic facilities many holidaymakers return after their first Soldiers Bay holidays. There are 7 fresh water swimming pools available for you during all inclusive holidays to Soldiers Bay, among which one is for adults only. Many kinds of water sports facilities are provided. There are provisions for horse riding and golf also. You will also find in the course of all inclusive holidays to Soldiers Bay that there are cove suits available, from where you can have a natural Standing Bath. A cove restaurant is also available and you will enjoy eating along with the freshness of nature.

During your Soldiers Bay holidays you can choose your dining option which the Blue Water is offering like bed & breakfast, half-board and All-Inclusive. The hotel has got so many facilities for children also. Honeymooners can enjoy the seclusion of the Rock Cottage. You will be thrilled in the course of your Soldiers Bay holidays by attending the live music and entertainment which will play straight into your heart.

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