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All Inclusive Holidays to Hawksbill Bay

The Hawksbill Bay Holiday Guide

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Hawksbill Bay is a marvellous resort which is almost five miles away from the western side of St Johns, the capital of Antigua. Upon arrival at VC Bird International Airport it will only take an eight mile journey to reach your all inclusive holidays to Hawksbill Bay. Having a holiday beside the beautiful shores and with charming views you will not want to miss the all inclusive holidays to Hawksbill Bay experience.

This wonderful location, Hawksbill Bay, is spread over 37 acres of land which is neatly maintained and tropically landscaped. With so many fantastic beaches with soft warm sands and clear waters you will be spoilt for choice.

During all inclusive holidays to Hawksbill Bay, make a visit to the famous Tamarind Tree, a beautiful and enjoyable restaurant. Here you will be served with all kinds of local dishes and some international dishes are also on the menu. There is an Italian restaurant, where you can order fresh lobster dishes. While on your all inclusive holidays to Hawksbill Bay, you will get the chance to enjoy so many water sports like water skiing, scuba diving, windsurfing, sunfish sailing, snorkelling and deep sea fishing.

Fantastic weather conditions are to be seen throughout the year on Hawksbill Bay holidays with the summer being the hottest months. As the nearby capital city of St Johns is only 6 km away you will want to visit for some shopping, dining and nights out. Only the best accommodations will be available for you on the beach front area including cottages, club rooms and suites with balcony during Hawksbill Bay holidays.

While on all inclusive holidays to Hawksbill Bay you will have so much to see and do at Nelsons Dockyard, Fort Shirley, National Park, Dows Hill Historical Centre and Blockhouse. Don’t miss the Pillars of Hercules during all inclusive holidays to Hawksbill Bay and Sunday evenings are famous in Shirley Heights with the live music, open bar and barbeque.

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