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All Inclusive Holidays to Dickenson Bay

The Dickenson Bay Holiday Guide

Most UK tourists like to try out different food while on all inclusive holidays in Dickenson Bay.
Dickenson Bay the endearing and charming destination which is a real paradise for holidaymakers, is situated in the north west coast of Antigua. During all inclusive holidays to Dickenson Bay, you will be only 3 miles from the capital St.John’s, and almost 6km from the VC Bird International airport.

You will see so many beaches scattered around the coastline of Dickenson Bay, in the course of your Dickenson Bay holidays. The elegance of these beaches is highlighted by the sparkling water, the white powdery sand and most of all the relaxed atmosphere. The water is completely calm and this suits families with children making it one of the many reasons why people prefer to have Dickenson Bay holidays. Dickenson Bay has a vast variety of watersports available. During all inclusive holidays to Dickenson Bay why not try out something new like, water-skiing, wind surfing, para-sailing, jet skis, yatch charters, catamarans, scuba diving or kayaking. For those looking for the quieter life try out some golf, snorkelling, sail boats, horse-riding or shopping.

Dickenson Bay holidays is full of places of interest and you will not want to miss a visit to the famous Nelson’s Dockyard, Betty’s Hope or Great Bird Island for a spot of sunbathing and maybe catch a glimpse of a rare species of animal. Another great day out while one Dickenson Bay holidays is a visit to Boggy Peak which is 1320ft high and you can view the neighbouring islands from this point which is a real treat.

While having all inclusive holidays to Dickenson Bay you will find dishes of lobster, red snapper and barbequed meats on the menu. Other local specialties include roast suckling pig, pilaffs, and salt fish. Wash these wonderful dishes down with some Wadadli which is the local beer or sip on some of the excellent local rums during all inclusive holidays to Dickenson Bay. You are sure to get carried away!

What better time for a holiday than the winter which is the best time of year for Dickenson Bay holidays. This season has an average temperature of around 25C from December to April. The rainy season is from September to November. With average temperatures between 25C to 30C throughout the year this makes a sunshine holiday possible at any time throughout the year to have Dickenson Bay holidays.

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