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All Inclusive Holidays to Dian Bay

The Dian Bay Holiday Guide

Looking for your next holiday try here for a seafront location to all inclusive holidays in Dian Bay.
Dian Bay is a wonderful and calm beach situated on the east coast of Antigua. While having all inclusive holidays to Dian Bay you will certainly experience the serenity of the beach. It is because of this serene and cool atmosphere that hovers the area, that the resort is generally considered as one of the top idyllic resorts available. The beach is located close to the Indian town National Park where you can relax in the white soft sands or dip into the crystal clear waters. Once you step onto the beach and breath in the freshness of the natural beauty, you are going to congratulate yourself for having selected all inclusive holidays to Dian Bay.

The climate of Dian Bay is most suitable for having Dian Bay holidays at any time of the year. The rainy season starts from October lasting through until January. The temperature remains almost constant throughout the year. Only during the hurricane season, which comes around June to November, you will have to take some caution. If you are having Dian Bay holidays at this time of the year, you should always check the weather details and forecasts. Usually the most popular visiting time seen is from December 14th to April 14th.

You will enjoy seeing the marvellous West Indian architecture, while on all inclusive holidays to Dian Bay. It is of superb craftsmanship beyond the imagination and really very eye catching. A thrilling waterfall sight can be seen during your time here. There is a 3 tier swimming pool where while on your all inclusive holidays to Dian Bay, you can have a merry "swim time".

There is the famous Lovers Beach and as the name itself suggests, it is meant exclusively for couples. During your Dian Bay holidays you can enjoy many kinds of water sports, motorized sports and biking. The buildings around the area are all mainly two stories high. There is a famous restaurant, Frangi pani, where all kinds of Caribbean and some international foods, are available. You can find a choice of bars by the sea which are open late, in the course of Dian Bay holidays.

During all inclusive holidays to Dian Bay you will see three fantastic fresh water swimming pools with all new facilities. If you are feeling adventurous then you may wish to try out some watersports like sunfish boating, snorkelling or kayaking in the course of all inclusive holidays to Dian Bay.

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