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All Inclusive Holidays to Antigua

The Antigua Holiday Guide

If you like to fish then why not try deep sea fishing on all inclusive holidays in Antigua.
Before planning an all-inclusive holidays in Antigua (pronounced as An-tee-ga), it is important that you know a little bit about the area. Antigua is situated in the Eastern Caribbean; in the middle of Leeward Islands. An all-inclusive holiday to this wonderful piece of land can become very memorable. Antigua is a tropical island, in the turquoise coloured waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Antigua holidays will always be a treat due to its cool wind and calm waters. The area obtains a low humidity throughout the year. Winter in Antigua happens during December-March. The rainy season starts from mid-September to November, usually with daily showers. The so-called hurricane season of Antigua, is from June-November. During this period visitors are advised to check the weather forecast. The average temperature is around 27C.

An all-inclusive holiday in Antigua will have a lot of surprises for the tourist. The eye catching "Boggy Peak" is one among them. It is located in the south western corner of the island and has a height of 1319ft. From here you will get a panoramic view of the island, which is a real sight to see! Be sure to take a visit to the 'Shirley Heights", which is very famous for its enchanting and soul soothing sun-set scene.

During Antigua holidays, you should never miss a visit to the beach, because in such a short area (14 miles long and 11 miles wide), there are 365 beaches spread around! The beaches have safe waters and are all covered by coral reef. These coral reefs along with the safe waters turn to be a real treat to the eyes! Another thing which you cannot afford to miss during your Antigua holidays is the historically famous English Harbour and Nelsons Dockyard. This was built in the 18th century. All colonial buildings have been restored and these serve as a prime spots for the visitors.

There are Casinos around the place, if you really want to try your luck during your all-inclusive holiday in Antigua. For those who want to have some nice shopping you can visit St.John's Chic Shopping Centre. In almost all restaurants West Indian, French, Italian and other International cuisines are available.

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