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The Vilamoura Holiday Guide

Why not look into renting a Villa with it's own pool this year for your all inclusive holidays in Vilamoura .
Vilamoura is not the name of any particular town; it is the name given to an area spread around 2000 hectares of land. During all inclusive Vilamoura holidays, you will see that this area is mainly very green with lovely pine forests. This spot has got all the ingredients needed for a really good and family friendly holiday. You will only have to take a stroll along the beaches or streets to get a real feel for it while on your all inclusive Vilamoura holidays.

Vilamoura climate is always favourable to holidaymakers and you can take Vilamoura holidays at any time of the year. Summer is usually hot and dry with July and August being the hottest months. During June to September you can be sure there will be very little rain. Autumn and winter are the mildest seasons, with January being the coolest month. Throughout the year there will be plenty of sunshine making Vilamoura holidays a pleasant experience at any time.

During all inclusive holidays to Vilamoura you will have the opportunity of visiting many fantastic beaches to include Falesia having the red coloured cliffs as the background, Olhos de Agua which is surrounded by cliffs full of pine trees, and of course the Vilamoura beach. There are other fine beaches also like Quarteria, Vale de Lobo or Garrao and many others. The archeological museum, Cerro da Vila, is open from 10am to 1pm, and is well worth visiting. There are casinos available in the area, where you can have a thrilling night to test your luck while having all inclusive holidays to Vilamoura.

For those who like sightseeing you could visit Salir, Quereuca, Alte, or Almacil during your Vilamoura holidays. You can enjoy the fantastic and thrilling sights at each of these beautiful places. Regarding accommodation, there is a 5 Star hotel and a great variety of medium type hotels to choose from. Hotel Tivoli Marina Vilamoura is a Five Star hotel, with all modern sophistications and amenities, to include a gorgeous 30,000 sq.metre garden. Vilamoura holidays will take you to wonderful restaurants where all the different varieties of fish and shell-fish are popular. You will also get international dishes like French, Indian, Chinese, Swiss and Italian.

Indulging yourself in all inclusive Vilamoura holidays and relaxing into the laid back atmosphere found at Vilamoura beaches will clear your mind and body and you will be feeling totally refreshed throughout Vilamoura holidays.

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