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The Praia do Vau Holiday Guide

Fantastic priced 7, 10 and 14 days to % all inclusive holidays in Praia do Vau .
Praia do Vau is an attractive beach, with its natural beauty combined with man made facilities, making this entire area the perfect holiday retreat for all inclusive Praia do Vau holidays. Once upon a time this area was a fishermen's paradise; their bread winning place! Time has changed the area into a fantastic and thrilling resort. You can see the transformation for yourself in the course of the all inclusive Praia do Vau holidays.

You will see a lot of local Portuguese people also enjoying the pleasures of these beaches, while having Praia do Vau holidays. The beaches are situated on the Atlantic Ocean and have soft sand with clear waters and are famous for their family friendly atmosphere. There are so many facilities available for children which is a great advantage for children and of course the lucky parents! Snorkelling which is available at Tresirmaos is a great sport tested and tried by both young and old. By having Praia do Vau holidays you can focus on having the best family holiday ever.

Summer is hot in the area, July and August being the peak months at 30c.While having your all inclusive Praia do Vau holidays during this period; it will be very relaxing lounging by the beach, having the freshness of the air to keep you cool in the midday sun. Winter is very mild with the temperature not dropping below 10c. It is pleasant weather during this period and a wonderful time to take a short break. Spring and autumn also are excellent seasons for having the all inclusive holidays to Praia do Vau, as the temperature is still in and around 20c-25c.

Praia do Vau is really interesting in its cuisine area also, having its own specialties. The Grilled Sardines are real tongue tasty ones which you will like a lot during the Praia do Vau holidays. Locally famous Conquilhas fried till it is open, in olive oil with salt and garlic is simply delicious. Even though nightlife is restricted in the area, nightlife lovers need not get disheartened, because it is only some minute’s walk to Praia da Rocha where you can have a complete merriment by the fantastic nightlife available there. For the golf lovers who are on their Praia do Vau holidays, 3 famous golf courses are available. Many kinds of popular water sports are open all year round.

You are sure to have an extremely thrilling time on all inclusive holidays to Praia do Vau and many memories of special times with loved ones throughout your Praia do Vau holidays.

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