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The Portimao Holiday Guide

There is something for all ages to do on all inclusive holidays in Portimao.
Portimao was the centre of fishing activities in the Algarve until the beginning of 1980s. Then the transformations began to start slowly, along with the overflow of tourists. In the course of your all inclusive Portimao holidays you will feel this transformation. Portimao is located at the side of the famous river Arade and this location converts Portimao in to a natural harbour. During all inclusive Portimao holidays, there are so many fantastic places to visit and explore.

Excellent weather conditions are found in this area which means you can have Portimao holidays throughout the year. July and August are the hottest months with an average temperature of 20C-28C. May to October is the best time to visit with great weather and the best hours of sunlight. January is the coolest month with an average of 9C-15C. During Portimao holidays you will find that the Atlantic breeze makes the heat feel much more comfortable and bearable.

While having all inclusive Portimao holidays you will find so much to do around the beach area with a selection of beaches scattered around. Praia da Rocha is on the southern side of Portimao, which is the most famous beach in the Algarve and well worth the visit. Praia de Alvor is another great beach to enjoy during your all inclusive holidays to Portimao and which is close to Alvor and Lagos. This beach with its natural beauty is a sight to be seen with sea on one side and the River Alvor on the other side.

You can enjoy water sports by having Portimao holidays, as almost all the beaches have these facilities. You may also want to avail of the many restaurants, snack-bars and bars situated right on the beach. There are so many places of historical importance around the area such as, The Mother Church, City Walls, Chapel, Catarina Fort and Palace. Nightlife is rich in the area and during your Portimao holidays you can have many thrilling nights. Avenida in Praia de Rocha has got so many bars and night clubs to choose from that you will never get round them all!

Golf lovers who are having all inclusive holidays to Portimao can be spoilt for choice with the many famous golf courses to include Penina Golf Course, Al To Golf and Morga do Regengo Golf Course. Regarding restaurants, there are some really delicious meals to try while on your all inclusive holidays in Portimao. The famous Sardine grilled in charcoal is one among them. The local dish Arjamolho is really good during the summer days and is served cold.

While on your all inclusive Portimao holidays you will be able to immerse in the natural ancient beauty and at the same time enjoy the modern sophistication of what Portimao holidays has to offer.

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