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All Inclusive Armacao de Pera Holidays

The Armacao Holiday Guide

You can take your friends or family along with you when you are on all inclusive holidays in Armacao de Pera.
Not long ago, Armacao de Pera was a fisherman's paradise, where they used to maintain their fishing boats. But now when you visit the area during your all inclusive Armacao de Pera holidays, you will see a new Armacao waiting for you. In place of the scattered Pera fishermen huts which were in abundance during the by-gone days, you will now see many new sophisticated modern buildings. But the Pera area remains almost the same as before, having the same patterns of life even now which you will see during your all inclusive Armacao de Pera holidays.

The climatic conditions are favourable in Portugal to go on Armacao de Pera holidays throughout the year but the summer time is still the busy season. The beaches are all amazingly long, some being as long as 4km, and well maintained with most of them having attained the standard of the Blue Flag award. Armacao de Pera holidays are the perfect refreshment with dreamy white sandy beaches and inviting warm waters. Why not try some of the popular water activities on offer like snorkelling or a boat trip. During Armacao de Pera holidays you will find that the beautiful area that surrounds the beach is now protected against further development in order to keep the area's natural beauty intact.

The fantastic year round weather makes Armacao de Pera holidays the perfect destination at any time. The summer season is from July-September with an average sunshine of about 12 hrs and average temperature of around 25C. The winter season is from November-March, when some rainfalls are likely. December and January are the coldest months, with an average temperature of 16C and an average daily sunshine of only 6hrs. But you will find that the coastal breeze gives a warmth at all times during your all inclusive Armacao de Pera holidays.

One of the historically famous buildings which you should visit during your Armacao de Pera holidays is the Old Church which is in the old area of the city. While having your all inclusive holidays to Armacao de Pera, your visits should include the market towns of Algoz, Alcantarilha and Porches. These towns are full of holiday apartments, to include a vast array of restaurants, bars and other facilities for holidaymakers, on the ground floor. Another important area which you must not forget to visit during all inclusive holidays to Armacao de Pera is the inland historical city Silves, which has a castle and ancient walls.

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